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GO Untucked

You can not only express your creativity at Go Untucked, but also promote it. Here are some simple ways to get the word out and let the world know about you and your creations:

E-mail. Invite your friends from Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. It only takes a minute.
Facebook. Share with the world using Facebook, Twitter and other tools. Look out for the icons on your design page. You can change your sharing settings to post your activity using the Share Settings page.
Pictures. A picture is worth many thousand words. Upload more pictures of your designs to get enhanced visibility.
Snapshots. Submit a picture of yourself to the snapshots section. Get noticed, and also win cash and other goodies.
Forum. Contribute your thoughts in the Forum section - invite people to comment on your work. If your work isn’t ready yet, you can submit your ideas in the critique section to get preliminary feedback.

Spread the word! Send a link to your design or your profile and directly e-mail it to friends and family. Encourage friends to vote by providing a link on their blog.

GO Untucked